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Passive Trading

Unlike active traders, your passive income will fit around your lifestyle, rather than dictate it.

Social trading

The investor may set up a trade size at own discretion according to personal risk tolerance.

Guaranteed Money Generator

Many argue trade copying is best used as a tool by beginners to learn about different markets and instruments

Choosing a trader

Picking a trader is no straightforward challenge.

Risking capital

You must be prepared that due to the volatility of markets, you could lose all the capital you initially invested.

The industry-leading Forex trading platform

We use MetaTrader like most of Forex brokers across the world offer MT-4 as a trading platform for its customers.

Passive income

Passive income is regularly generated money that requires minimal effort on the part of the recipient to earn and maintain it. Gains on stocks, interest, commodities, lottery winnings and capital gains are often the types of earnings that come to mind.


Copy Trading

Copy Trading

Arguably, another way for trading passive income to be made easy is through copy trading. Rather than devoting considerable time and energy into developing a strategy and monitoring the markets, you can benefit from the success of experienced traders.

Social trading / Copy trading

The passive investment method is that investor connects to a certain strategy provider in a specialized service and trades of the given provider will be automatically copied into his/her (the investor’s) account. The investor may set up a trade size at own discretion according to personal risk tolerance. All the rest parameters of the trade (Bid or Ask prices, stop-loss and take-profit levels) will be automatically copied into personal account in a real-time mode.

Social trading

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Passive Income
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You simply choose a trader and then a programme will mimic that trader’s buying and selling with your capital. However, often you will find the traders and the website will take a small percentage of your profit. In fact, those who imitate traders can also then be copied and earn commissions.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • I’ve always seen the world of the stock market as distant, although I know from family and close friends that it’s a smart way to get your savings rented safely.
    I contacted Empiforex and now I’m benefiting from their system.

    Arnold Harris
    CEO, Press Mag
  • My husband and I received an inheritance and wanted to invest a portion in the stock market. And even though we started by studying how it worked at the beginning, the truth is that we finally saw that the smart thing to do was to use passive tradding.

    Jane Anderson
    Secondary school teacher

I finally found a safe way to grow my savings for a safer future.

Zoe SmithHotel Receptionist